Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet Jean Green

Working on a package of stories of Elders for New America. 
Jean Green is an awesome person, a senior who's confronting America's economic crisis with heart, soul & sweat. She's truly one of the sweetest, determined and dignified people I think I've ever met in my life.

This should inspire some of the younger folks who feel the weight of the grind. 

Here's a link to the Nam Story: Text by Leslie Casimir.

Reminds me of  Nas' lyrics in the song Heaven (off the God's Son Album)
"...We all in a grind, but look at the beautiful Sh* around you it's a beautiful life... I'm talkin' 'bout heaven in your own heart, in your own world, in your own existence."

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it also reminds me of this little piece of genius: